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What is Home Quay?

Home Quay Co-Living is the trading name for Fairlead Property Limited's activities in the Portsmouth area. Fairlead Property has a successful track record of developing and running co-living homes in Portsmouth, and is also active in Wales through its 50% owned subsidiary, Aber Co-Living Ltd.

Fairlead Property is owned by Nick & Rowena Atkins who are both directors of the company. Nick leads the business on a day-to-day basis with support from an experienced team of professionals.

Our Values & Approach

Our mission is to provide the highest quality co-living experience for young professionals where aesthetics, design, and comfort combine to create a warm home environment and vibrant community spirit.






What is Co-Living?

Creating a genuine community is at the heart of co-living.

Well-designed shared spaces, including combined living rooms and kitchens and outside space, enable people to come together and create lasting friendships and connections.


The flexibility to play, work and socialise in the communal space whilst returning to the luxurious warmth of one's own bedroom is unbeatable.

What makes our homes special?

Our homes are designed from the bottom up to optimize space, function and design to create a great living experience so our housemates can work, socialise and relax in a supportive community environment.

  • Large well designed double bedrooms with plenty of storage space and ensuites wherever possible, including small touches like dimmable LED lighting, usb chargers and black out blinds;

  • Beautiful living room and kitchen spaces, fully equipped with everything needed for cooking, cleaning, and relaxing;

  • Superfast 200MB+ broadband seamlessly distributed to each floor, and a large flat screen TV in the living room with a full Virgin TV package.

  • Gold plated industrial plumbing system which provides hot water and great water pressure even if all housemates are showering at the same time.


Nick & Rowena Atkins


Letting Agent

Thai Bridgen

The Power Team:

Our Power Team

Fairlead Property is jointly owned by Nick & Rowena Atkins.

  • Nick is the Managing Director and runs the company on a day-to-day basis

  • Nick is a successful property investor who has built up a portfolio of high-quality co-living houses (consisting of 50 rooms across 6 properties) for young professionals in Portsmouth and Aberystwyth (the latter through Aber Co-Living).

  • Prior to property his professional background was in investment banking and corporate finance .

  • Nick is passionate about property and creating a great living experience for his young professional customers.

  • Rowena is a Director of Fairlead Property and entrepreneur who runs her own business.

  • Fairlead Property is supported by a high quality “power team” of professionals to deliver its projects.

On the same wavelength?

Do we sound like we could be a good fit as your next co-living provider? Please get in touch with the button below.

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