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Fairlead Property, trading as Home Quay Co-Living in Portsmouth and operating through Aber Co-Living in Wales, has provided great returns to its investors to date. We take particular care to manage inverstors' funds in a prudent manner (as if it is our own money) and communicate at all key project stages. We have 100% track record of repaying investors and providing them with attractive returns.



If you are struggling to earn a decent real return in today's low-interest-rate environment, then you may be interested in exploring ways in which you could enhance your returns.


It takes time, effort, skill and money to earn superior returns in property. So time poor but cash rich investors could work with us and share in our success. We offer the following broad packages (which are tailored to individual requirements) to our investor partners:

Fixed Return

We provide a fixed return on investor capital which is typically committed for an investment period of 12 to 14 months or longer. We have a track of success in delivering projects and providing great returns to investors, working with private investors and SSAS pension funds. We provide regular updates to our investors and create bespoke arrangements which best meet their needs.

Earn & Learn

This is similar to the above but with the ability (for a limited few) to tag along and more actively learn about the sourcing, design, and development process. This is particularly helpful for anyone looking to become an active investor in property and co-living / HMO projects.

Joint Venture Partnerships

For a select few investors who wish to create long term property investments, there may be the potential to create joint venture partnerships which offer a win-win solution for all parties. This is a longer-term commitment, though, which requires a correspondingly higher level of consdieration on all sides.

Think there's potential?

We're happy to offer a confidential, no commitment, half-hour discussion.

Aber CoLiving

Aber Co-Living, which is jointly owned by Fairlead Property and Air Balloon Property, was formed in 2018 to disrupt the HMO market in Aberystwyth by providing high quality co-living experiences for young professionals, a market which had not been addressed before.

Aber Co-Living has renovated two grade II listed buildings to date creating 22 premium rooms which have been let to satisfied young professional customers.

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