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Welcome Aboard!

Looking to find a beautiful home on the South Coast? Look no further than Home Quay, Portsmouth.


About Us

Home Quay is a leading provider of high-quality, co-living homes for young professionals in the Portsmouth area.

We provide stylish, well designed homes that foster a great community spirit and are easy to live in, all for a great value all-in monthly rent.


Our Values





Our Homes

We have four of the best co-living properties in Portsmouth.  They are each 7 bedroom homes with great communal space and wonderful double rooms with ensuites or dedicated bathrooms (in almost all cases).

What our tenants say

“The landlord, Nick, is very professional and uses modern, tracable technology to manage the tenancy and the deposit process. Much better than dealing with paper! He always resolved any issues with the house in a timely manner and gave plenty of warning for any house visits he, or tradesmen needed to enter the house. He is the best landlord I have had in Portsmouth”



Sound interesting?

If you're looking for a new home in Portsmouth, we might have the perfect fit.

If you're interested in co-living, and think our homes might be right for you - we'd love to chat. Please feel free to get in touch using the button below.

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